Our Leadership Team understands how difficult it can be, reaching out to engage and recognize Survivors and Caregivers. This is why we have formed a team with representatives from each of your Great West home territories. This fun, diverse, passionate group of volunteers will be here to offer any assistance we can to help you meet your community's needs...after all, nobody knows your community as well as you do! Here you will be able to find helpful tips and tricks, along with an activity calendar compiled of different ways to help with your engagement/recognition. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or ideas!

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Who Are Survivors?

A Survivor is anyone who has ever heard those three mind numbing words, "You have cancer..."

Survivors are the heart and soul of Relay For Life and serve as a reminder that even in our darkest hours, there is HOPE. For this reason we honor and remember our loved ones, our HOPE. To learn more about the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life and ways to get involved in the life saving mission to bring an end to cancer, click "Learn More"

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Who Are Caregivers?

A Caregiver is anyone who was there for a cancer patient when they needed them. Cargivers  are the unsung heroes of a cancer journey.  They are but one person in the world...but for a survivor, a caregiver can be their whole world. These passionate individuals are the "how" of Relay For Life coming to be. Caregivers, along with Survivors are that single spark that ignites our passion and creates a wildfire of HOPE.

To learn more about Relay For Life and to find an event near you, click here-

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Meet The Team

Jane Madtson
GW Hero of Hope Liaison
[email protected]

Needed Washington Survivor/Caregiver Territory Rep