What is the Grand Club Program?

Each year, thousands of Relayers across the nation enter the prestigious Grand Club - a special group for those that have raised more than $1000 for the American Cancer Society's life-saving mission

How does the Grand Club Program benefit my Relay For Life event and the American Cancer Society?

Each time you ask for a donation you are helping create awareness about the fight against cancer and the American Cancer Society in your community. The more asks, the more dollars raised, the more lives saved! Here are just a few ways your donations make a difference:

  • Funds Nationwide Cancer Prevention Studies (CPS) to aid in finding a cure for cancer
  • Funds cancer research to find new treatments for fighting and curing cancer
  • Provides 24 hours per day, 365 days per year cancer information through cancer.org and the National Cancer Information Center (NCIC)

How do we recognize Grand Club Members?

When you raise $1000, the American Cancer Society is pleased to present you with a Grand Club Polo Shirt! Not only does this provide us with an opportunity to thank you for your efforts, it enables you to help us promote your Relay For Life event and the lifesaving mission of the American Cancer Society. You may also be recognized by your event's leadership team or on our Great West Facebook Page!

[ Download Grand Club Certificate ]