Volunteer Grant Programs – Target, Walmart, Sam’s

This information provided by volunteer Janice Cook.

CORPORATE DONATION: $250 for 25 hours or $500 for 50 hours
Through Walmart’s Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) program, the company offers two types of grants for Walmart and Sam’s Club employees who volunteer with nonprofit organizations.
Walmart Individual VAP Grants:
After Walmart employees volunteer 25 hours with an organization, Walmart provides a volunteer grant of $250 to that organization.
Each Walmart associate can request two volunteer grants per organization per year. Associates can request grants for up to two organizations for a maximum of four total volunteer grants annually.
Walmart Team / Group VAP Grants:
Groups of Walmart employees who volunteer together or participate in fundraising runs / walks together are eligible to request VAP grants for $500-$5,000.
The grant amount depends on the number of Walmart associates involved.
Additional details are available at https://doublethedonation.com/forms/walmart-guidelines.pdf.
Walmart’s Volunteer Grant Submission Process:
Forms for both are located on Walmart’s intranet. For the most up-to-date version of the form, employees / volunteers should go to WIRE: [email protected]>Walmart Foundation>Volunteerism>Volunteerism Always Pays.

Event VAP Breakdown

Program Min # of Associates Min. # of Volunteer Hours Anticipated Grant Amount
Individual VAP 1 25 $250
Event VAP 5 25 $500
Event VAP 10 50 $1000
Event VAP 20 100 $2000
Event VAP 30 150 $3000
Event VAP 40 200 $4000
Event VAP 50 250 $5000

Talking Points:
What’s in it for Walmarts/Sams
• One of the founding principles Sam Walton built the company on was providing a great experience for customers, but also giving back to the communities. Awards are given out nationally for their volunteer involvement.
• Stores can choose to do an event VAP, where there are 50 employees for 5 hours each, or individual VAP’s where employees spend 25 hours and $250 is donated to that organization.
• Walmart / Sam’s try to find ways to have their store teams build comradery, but it often difficult when you run shifts 24/7. Based on the length of our events, associates can come before or after different shifts and participate in the event. Once there, they get to experience our various activities that touch their hearts.
• Store participation gives associates an opportunity to support and recognize survivors / caregivers within their own stores.
• Even if they only want to come spend their time at the event and submit their hours, as a first introduction to Relay, encourage them to just come have a BBQ with their team and walk the track. More will come later.
What’s In It For Us
• Stores/clubs register participating associates on teams, increasing the number of your teams, participants and survivors.
• When we touch 50 associates per store/club, you have now spread the word about the ACS to 50 more households, who share with their friends and family.
• They add to the overall feeling of community at the event.
Other lessons learned when dealing with Walmat/Sams
• Have to do the follow up – Even with a veteran Walmart / Sams team. There is a staff turn-over that there is generally someone new you are working with. They still need to be guided, with next steps.
• They generally focus on an event VAP, even vetern team captains. Team captains can count the hour at a team captain meeting, participation on the committee, (Walmart or your event), making items to sell at Relay, all count toward their individual VAP. The time they spend organizing for the event (off the clock), getting the food ready, etc. will count toward individual VAP
• Paint the Town Purple is a good opportunity to support the event in a larger way and might get a different group of associates involved. (Think of the episodic volunteer concept with that employee base)
• Celebrate the number of Walmart/Sam’s participants on your Facebook, website. Create a poster with the Relay branding that states how many hours volunteers gave to our organization

• While Target does not pay an organization for the hour’s employees participate in volunteering, they track associates time, including family members who participate with them, and report to offices. Encourage Target’s to register teams and participate.

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